Realize your crops true potentials.

New for 2018 our ION CATALYST products

IONFX blended products for alfalfa, Silage, Forage, Small Grains, corn and Soybeans.
R3Plant will help your damaged plants to seek out and transport nutrients to help overcome catastrophic stresses of drought hail and animal damage.


Raison products are beneficial microbes harvested and married to a cause of making nutrient assimilation by your crops as efficient and water conserving as possible.

We have developed strain combinations to maximize nutrient and ionic transportation through specific crops. These microbes make it possible to rapidly solubilize ions required for plant enzymatic processes. This allows plants to use the easiest electron receptive ions in their systems to produce their own growth hormones and regulators.

Allowing them to reach their maximum potential.

R3Plant is a mix of products designed to give a plant access to necessary ions to allow rapid recovery from damage and to allow a plants own immune system to cause growth at a rate to recover from catastrophic losses of tissue.


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